Why Puerto Rico ?

PR offers many unique and exciting opportunities for both vacation/first-time home buyers, and real estate investors. Some of the most compelling reason to invest in Puerto Rico include the following:

Real Estate

  • Puerto Rico is a favorable investment option if you’re looking to diversify your Real Estate portfolio.

  • Low cost of entry to the vacation home market.

Tax Benefit


  • The regulatory and legal infrastructure is the same as experienced on the mainland providing a stable investment environment. Many of the banking, financial and investment entities located in other states are found in Puerto Rico.


  • Beach access is plentiful in Puerto Rico. The government has secured access to all beaches for Puerto Rican and visitors alike.

  • Puerto Rico offers some of the best diving, fishing, snorkeling in the world

  • Enjoy 30 golf course, miles of hiking trails, waterfalls

Cost of Living

  • Experience a lower cost of living vs many Caribbean islands. Puerto Rico enjoys access to all the consumer products on the mainland as well as those manufactured for the region.
    Crime rate

  • Property crime and violent crime rate is 40% below mainland national average


  • Puerto Rico’s culture is a unique mixture of indigenous, Spanish and African traditions that are woven into a rich tapestry of people, art, food and community.

  • Diverse cuisine, shopping and arts


  • Puerto Rico offers healthcare services, diagnostics and testing similar to what is experienced on the mainland. The vast majority of medical institutions provide bilingual services. Many mainland health plans provide coverage in Puerto Rico. There are also membership-based “concierge-style” options, such as Pravan Clinic, Premier Medical Access, Doctors on Call, Concierge Medical Services, and P.R. Concierge & Internal Medicine Services. They provide top-quality, personalized healthcare via in-person visits, online consultations, and more for a fee.

  • Quality of life


  • The average annual temperature in Puerto Rico is 80 degrees.


  • Many US Airports and other countries have direct and economical flights. Puerto Rico is the international airport hub of the Caribbean.  Southwest Airlines, JetBlue, American Airlines, LATAM Airlines, Qatar Airways, Spirit Airlines, Etihad Airways and Frontier Airlines all fly non-stop to Puerto Rico.