Our Services

Property Identification/Acquisition:

This is often the introductory relationship to The Alers Group (TAG). This service seeks to lessen the stress and difficulty often experienced in property identification and purchase.  Based upon responses generated with our  Pre-Market Screening Tool our team identifies a targeted list of properties that will  meet investor needs. Following property identification, TAG can further assist with an array of services inclusive of acquisition, inspection, development, management and introduction to local capital sources and financial institutions.

This fixed cost service allows our clients to assess potential property options without travel to Puerto Rico. Clients can choose to have  a completely “remote experience” in property acquisition or  travel to the island to experience a pre-selected and pre-reviewed set of homes/properties chosen by their specification.

The Alers Group has proprietary access to off-market property investment opportunities. This  further expands the options we offer our clients to access unique deals that are often at a deep discount to standard market pricing.

Real Estate Development and Management:

With vast experience, our team possesses a combination of local market expertise and the ability to leverage relationships to the success of our property owners and investors. The Alers Group (TAG) real estate management division offers an array of value added services inclusive of: Property management, maintenance, renovations, security, and marketing. We are passionate about details, design, and operational efficiency.

Every project starts with a vision that aligns a thoughtful plan focused on the ultimate needs and usage of our clients. This commitment to a deep understanding of each project allows a focus on operating efficiencies balanced with project feasibility.

We are constantly refining and innovating to deliver timeless real estate that serves the evolving needs of the families, guests, colleagues, and patrons of our projects. We view each project as part of our legacy within the fabric of the communities where we work and live.

Opportunity Zone Investment

The Alers Group (TAG) partners with several Opportunity Zone (OZ) funds investing in Puerto Rico. Opportunity Zone funds exist to incentivize the reinvestment of billions of dollars of capital gains generated each year, into communities that have suffered economic distress. Much of the island qualifies for this program which has attractive investment and tax benefits. Our partnership with these investment vehicles provides TAG clients  the opportunity to diversify their investment in Puerto Rico and experience the numerous tax benefits inherent in OZ investing. Most Qualified Opportunity Zone Funds are set up as a partnership, limited liability company, or corporation, aimed specifically at Qualified Opportunity Zones.

The primary benefit that draws investors to Opportunity Zone fund investments is the ability to defer paying taxes on capital gains created from other investments, until December 31, 2026 if the capital gains are invested in a Qualified Opportunity Fund. Second, if the investments are left in a Qualified Opportunity Fund at least ten (10) years, then the investor will not pay additional capital gains tax on any appreciation of the asset(s).

Fund minimums are generally 10-25 thousand dollars and can invest in a diverse array of assets within an opportunity zone inclusive of land, businesses, buildings or equity investments. Funds have various fees and cost structures. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss opportunity zone investing with you and to specifically tailor a program that meets your needs with our fund partners.